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Our Leadership program equips individuals with the necessary skills to lead effectively in various domains, drawing on the rich legacy of the Ofori-Atta family’s leadership in Ghana’s history.



Our Education program focuses on expanding access to education and ensuring its quality, inspired by the Ofori-Atta family’s commitment to education as a catalyst for national development.


Community Development

Through our Community Development program, we work closely with local communities to foster sustainable growth, leveraging the Ofori-Atta family’s legacy of dedicated service to Ghanaian communities.


Youth Empowerment

Our Youth Empowerment program focuses on empowering the youth to become change-makers, drawing inspiration from the Ofori-Atta family’s commitment to nurturing the next generation of leaders.

Frequently Asked Questions

What programs does Ofori-Atta offer?

Ofori-Atta offers programs in leadership, education, community development, and youth empowerment.

How does Ofori-Atta support education?

Ofori-Atta promotes quality education and works towards expanding access to education for all.

What is the goal of the Leadership program?

The Leadership program aims to develop essential leadership skills inspired by the legacy of the Ofori-Atta family.

How does Ofori-Atta contribute to community development?

Ofori-Atta works closely with local communities to empower them for sustainable growth.

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